FELIMAZOLE® Coated Tablets (methimazole)

FELIMAZOLE<sup>®</sup> Coated Tablets (methimazole) 2.5mg

FELIMAZOLE® Coated Tablets (methimazole) 2.5mg

FELIMAZOLE<sup>®</sup> Coated Tablets (methimazole) 5mg

FELIMAZOLE® Coated Tablets (methimazole) 5mg

FELIMAZOLE<sup>®</sup> Coated Tablets (methimazole) 5mg

For use in: cats

FELIMAZOLE® Coated Tablets (methimazole) are indicated for the treatment of hyperthyroidism in cats.

Active(s)/Ingredient(s): Methimazole
Pack size(s): 100
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Important safety information

CAUTION: As with all drugs, side effects may occur. The most commonly reported side effects are anorexia, vomiting, head/facial pruritus or edema, depression/lethargy, weight loss, anemia, elevated liver enzymes, skin lesions, elevated BUN, diarrhea, and thrombocytopenia. FELIMAZOLE Coated Tablets are not for use in pregnant or lactating queens, or cats with renal, hepatic, or hematological disorders. In some reported cases, the patients recovered after adverse signs were recognized, the drug was withdrawn, and veterinary care was applied. In some cases, death (or euthanasia) has been reported as an outcome of the adverse reactions listed above. Methimazole has anti‐vitamin K activity and may induce bleeding diathesis without evidence of thrombocytopenia. Refer to the prescribing information for complete details or visit www.dechra‐us.com.

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