Rompun® (xylazine injection) 100 mg/mL

Rompun® (xylazine injection) 100 mg/mL

Rompun can be used as a stand-alone sedation for short and moderate-length procedures, or in combination with other approved drugs as preanesthetic medication.

Active(s)/Ingredient(s): xylazine hydrochloride
Pack size(s): 50ml
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Important safety information

As with all drugs, side effects may occur. For use in horses and Cervidae only.  Do not use in animals  with a hypersensitivity to xylazine or animals intended for human consumption.  Do not use Rompun (xylazine injection) in conjunction with tranquilizers.  Intracarotid Arterial Injection Should Be Avoided.  Careful consideration should be given before administering to horses and Cervidae with significantly depressed respiration, severe heart disease, advanced liver or kidney disease or conditions associated with hypotension.  Analgesic effect is variable, and depth should be carefully titrated during surgical/clinical procedures. Adverse events may include bradycardia with partial A-V heart block and a reduced respiratory rate. Handling or any other sudden stimuli, including noise, may cause a defense reaction in an animal that appears to be heavily sedated. Not for human use. Avoid self-injection, oral intake and any contact with skin, eyes or mucosa.  
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